Dark Souls III Soundtrack OST – Soul of Cinder

Dark Souls 3 Official OST
Watch The Boss Fight:
Composer: Yuka Kitamura

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  1. It's a difficult-to-hear song 'cause all the work, all the battles, all the bosses and now the end of a era, culminates in this part! Damn… It's sad… and incredible, too.

  2. There’s something about this OST that hits me hard. Every single second of this piece strikes with the player’s thoughts: the phenomenal start, and intense buildup while you’re thinking this is just another boss; the harsh climax for when you think it’s finally over, and then SoC goes into his second phase and you realize that this isn’t just a boss— it’s yourself. Once Gwyn’s theme cues in, notice how the entire setting of the music tones down and grows… quieter, more somber.
    It’s that exact moment of realization when the SoC is not just Gwyn, not just every other Lord— but it’s *you*. It brings me to tears a lot, honestly.

  3. First time I faced the Soul of Cinder, I died many a time. before even reaching this stage. And then, on my final attempt I finally reached the stage and as the music started to play, I couldnt help myself but stand still for a few seconds. What I was fighting wasnt just a grand Soul, it was the amalgamation of all the former keepers of the fire. The ones who had rekindled it and I was now here to finally put them to rest. This realization had blown my fucking mind and for that one reason this fight will always be able my favorite of all the bossfights. Dont get me wrong, Gael is cool. But this just hits deep.

  4. When i first fight this boss time i wass like "yeah cool ost cool fight" but suddenly 3 notes starts and i was like "wait… wait a minute is this what i think it is" and my eyes got a little wet

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