Eve Online – Thorax vs Tier 2 Abyssal Deadspace!

Sorry for the “low energy” sound in my voice, I am currently recovering from the flu.

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18 Replies to “Eve Online – Thorax vs Tier 2 Abyssal Deadspace!

  1. those are "drones" by the way, they dont have their commander there, or another ship they launched from, it appears that the spawns are random, and in that instance they spawned drones without a ship to control them, like if you kill a ship in pvp, the drones stop moving, same concept

  2. there are more caches than just one in there, you should have a specific overview to show "all" and go into your overview settings and make sure you have it select to show EVERYTHING, that way you will see the other caches in there you can also look. since you are using a mwd, you can easily pick them up, it also helps to head towards those when there are frigates and drones, pulling them in a more straight line than they normally do so you can hit them harder and easier. your welcome and happy hunting! fly safe o7

  3. Same fit, same site. 1st pocket – plenty of drones instead of BS – 15 minutes for site – all my droned died after insta lock – 4 min for 2nd site and PODed

  4. Man, I really want to fly a Thorax, Vigilant, and Apocalypse, but my gunnery skills are complete garbage! Starting off as Caldari, I focused on missiles. Should I just start training rails now?

  5. I wonder what happened to the npc ewar ships coming with the abyssal deadspace. I swear i saw a thread on reddit at one point where someone had datamined that some ships in the abyssal deadspace would use ewar against you which would make sensor boosters viable in pve. Yeah i know it sounds horrible and maybe thats why they removed/didn't add them but it would have made some high tier deadspace complexes much more harder and the rewards (possibly) much more expensive and rare.

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