How to Use PS3 Eye Camera as Webcam!

If you have a Playstation 3 and the PS3 Eye Camera for the Playstation Move setup, you can actually use it to record videos, record audio, and take pictures for FREE with it! Here’s the tutorial.


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40 Replies to “How to Use PS3 Eye Camera as Webcam!

  1. I'm a YouTuber and I said to my dad I know that I have a PS3 at my moms that I could try to use to do face cam so I typed how to do face cam on a PS3 the first one didn't help at all the guy just did was show his room and one of his games but then I found this one and I said to my dad after I saw this video I said can i go do what I got to do to do face cam because now I know how to do face cam thanks to you thank you I'll subscribe

  2. nice video , can you tell me please how I can create for instance movie animation cartoon, using any game I want I speak I control the actor to move.

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